Powerplant Bloom is a special formulation of 
micronutrients, enzymes, surfactants, plant 
extract & useful micro organisms. 

In traditional agriculture, soil productivity depended 
mainly on the natural fertility of the soil. 
Micronutrient deficiencies were uncommon. 

Today in most countries, micronutrients needed by crops are being supplied by chemical fertilization. Globally, very few farmers seldom apply Micronutrients, even though intensive modern agriculture has a nutrient depleting effect. Yields are higher than those of the past, while early maturing varieties mean more crops are grown in the course of a year. Micronutrients are being continuously removed in high yield of harvested produce, without being replaced. The result is widespread micronutrients deficiencies.

Micronutrients have multiple roles in the crop growth and although researches have been undertaken, it is believed that some of the micronutrients’ functions are still unknown. Micronutrients add nutrients to the plants, but also act as catalysts for the assimilation of macronutrients. Micronutrients don’t act separately, but they interact to bring fruitful results in terms of quality and quantity of the yields.

Micronutrients are essential for enzyme activity in bacteria and plants. Enzymes are crucial organic chemical compounds needed for all life processes such as photosynthesis, nutrition, growth and reproduction. Enzymes are complex proteins activated by micronutrients. A correct balance of micronutrients is required for enzymes to function. An incorrect balance between molybdenum and Iron could cause a toxic situation. Micronutrients in a balanced fertilizer program ensure plant growth and yields. Important trace elements are boron, manganese, zinc, copper, cobalt, magnesium, iron and molybdenum. General boron deficiency symptoms include chlorosis, necrosis, and deformation on young leaves and at growing point


        Unique liquid bio-fertilizer which contains efficient strains of microbes which help to improve the micro flora of the soil thus converts the insoluble nutrients into soluble form. It also provides range of trace elements which helps the plants to produce nutrient-rich food.

Microbes enhance the disease and pest resistance, solubility, availability, and absorption of nutrients, improve soil health by improving physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.

Naturally occurring hormones and enzymes increase photosynthesis process thus increase net assimilation of plant. Power plant is eco-friendly and safe to use. Increase nutritional value, uniformity and taste of produce. It helps to improve the natural fertility and productivity of soil. There is no residual build up in soil. Plants withstand against frost and high temperature.

·   Power Plant contains plant extract to accelerate growth.
·   Power Plant is environmentally friendly.
·   Safe to use and has won universal acclaim.
·   Responsive on all the plants.
·   Accelerates plant growth.
·   Increases end yield.
·  The keeping quality of product produce is increased.
·   Enhances the disease resistance.
·   Increases nutritional value of produce.
·   Healthier and good looking produce.
·   Does not leave residue build up in soil.
·  Increases plant vigour to withstand excessive humidity and heat.
·   More uniformity in plant and fruit size.
·  The food looks better!.......and tastes better!
·   kind to the environment.
·  It helps to improve the natural fertility of soil.

Dose: Spray 1.5 ml / litre of water 

Packing: 1 L, 500 ml, 200ml. 

Precaution: Do not mix directly with any chemical. 

Store in cool and dry place. 


          Power milk is a unique blend of minerals, vitamins and plant extract, a feed supplement for cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, poultry, dog, horse, pig, fish, rabbit, and mule. Power milk contains iron in the form of ferric, phosphorus in the form of sodium acid phosphate and calcium in the form of calcium gluconate. These forms of minerals are directly and highly absorbed in the animal gut. Rapid availability is the reason for immediate action of power milk. 

Power milk contains vitamin D3 and B12. Vitamin D3 helps in better absorption and assimilation of calcium and phosphorus that is vital in forming and maintaining strong bones. It may also be involved in regulating cell growth and maintaining a healthy immune system. Poultry require vitamin D3 supplementation as they are not exposed to sun light. Deficiency of vitamin D causes rickets in young animals and osteomalacia in adult animals.

Vitamin B 12 functions are to maintain a healthy nervous system and to produce red blood cells. Calcium and phosphorus are two very essential minerals for healthy bones and fighting osteoporosis. Iron deficiency anemia is due to insufficient iron. Plant extract in power milk provide natural hormones and enzymes to maintain milk, egg and meat production. Cures rickets, osteomalacia, hypocalcaemia, helps in preventing osteoporosis, milk fever and anemia.

Benefits Of Powermilk:

·         It helps to improve quality and production of milk.
·         Helps to improve the overall health of animals.
·         It helps to improve appetite.
·         Prevent animals from osteoporosis or hypocalcaemia.
·         Prevent animals from milk fever.
·         Prevent animals from anemia that is iron deficiency.
·         It helps to improve digestion.
·         It helps to improve the size and quality of eggs.
·         It helps to improve the muscular as well as bone strength in horses, dogs etc.
·         It helps in more meat production in sheeps, goats, broilers etc.

You will see the skin of dairy animals glowing after giving Power milk for one or two weeks. 


Adult animal - 20ml. twice a day. 
Young animal - 10 ml. twice a day.
Dogs - 5 ml. Twice a day. 
Pups - 5 ml. / day.
Poultry (100 birds) chicks - 10 ml /day 
Growers n broilers - 20 ml /day
Layers - 50 ml/day

Note: After delivery give 100 ml Powermilk per day minimum for 3-4 days, after that start routine dose of Powermilk as mentioned above. This will help the animal to recover calcium loss from body and prevent from milk fever as well as hypocalcaemia that is calcium deficiency. 

Packing: 1 L.

Store in cool and dry place.

Power Plant Fungicide


        Power Plant Fungicide formulation contains a complex of flavinoids derived from plants belonging to karanja family. These flavinoids and nutrients helps in controle of plant diseases and provide growth promoters. The formulation disperses, spread and break the metabolic function of pathogen by contact and make them lifeless. Plant extract that inhibit the growth of plant pathogens are termed phytoalexins. Synthetic fungicides used in plant protection act by inducing the production of phytoalexins in plants. The effectiveness of PPFC has been proven by numerous studies on different crops such as banana, grapes, brassica, cucurbits, tomato, potato, pepper, lettuce, carrot, herbs, rice, strawberry, sugar beet, onion, garlic, mango, pome fruit and ornamental. PPFC acts against a wide range of plant disease such as powdery mildews, downy mildews, gray mold, rust, early blight, black sigatoka, rice blast and anthracnose where the chemical fungicides are not able to reach and control the foot diseases. PPFC is also ideal for treatment of seeds.
Targets Disease(Pathogen)
2-3 applications
25-30 days after transplanting;
Repeat 10-15 days.
Leaf spot, Blast, Bacterial Leaf Blight.
3-4 applications
30 days after transplanting;
Repeat 10-15 days.
Leaf spot, Leaf curling, Powdery mildew.
3-4 applications
30 days after transplanting;
Repeat 10-15 days
Leaf spot, Damping Off, Fusarium Wilt, Anthracnose
2-3 applications. 30 days after transplanting; repeat 10-15 days
Late Blight.
3-4 applications.
Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose,Xanthomonas
2 applications.
Powdery Mildew.
3-4 applications.
Leaf spot, Fruit rot, Bacterial wilt.
3-4 applications. At first Incidence of Disease
Leaf spot, fruit rot Powdery mildew.
2-3 applications.
Capsule rot, Root rot, Wilt.
2-3 applications.
Powdery mildew.
3-4 applications
Wilt, Damping Off, Blight

Dose: Spray 2.5-3.0 gms / ltr of water as disease starts in the field or the environment becomes favourable for the disease.

Packing: 250 g, 500 g.

Note: It is recommended for diseases which are mentioned in the PPFC literature.

Store in cool and dry place.

This is very much confusing to identify the difference between fungal , bacterial and viral diseases. Farmer is mostly confused and used fungicides to control this problem. This viral problem can be controlled by controlling viral vectors like white fly, aphids and leaf loppers or it is controlled by using viricides.

PPFC is an organic fungicide and used against fungal and some bacterial diseases like Leaf spot, Blast, Powdery mildew, Fusarium wilt, Anthracnose, Damping off of seedlings in nursery beds, Bacterial leaf blight(bacterial disease) in rice, Fruit rot, Alternaria, Late blight in potato and tomato.

Fungal diseases are transmitted by fungal spores through seed, soil and air.


Virosol is an organic viricide which is used to control viral diseases like yellow vein mosaic virus, leaf curl virus and other mosaic viruses in different crops.

Viral diseases are transmitted by viral vectors like white fly, aphids from viral infected plant to healthy plant directly or through seeds, grafting material, agriculture tools and implements.

Power Plant Neem pesticide


            Power Plant Neem pesticide is a formulation of neem extract. It contains more than 60 pesticide elements kept away insects. The neem tree is indigenous to India. Its scientific name is Azadirachta indica. Neem has miraculous power kept away insects. In certain cases even more efficient than the chemically available products. It is meant to serve as a sustainable-agriculture for pest control and crop protection. Research has shown that neem extracts have an effect on nearly 200 species of insects. It is significant that some of these pests are resistant to pesticides (floral thrips, diamondback moth and several leaf miners). Azadirachtin enter in the body of the larva thus fails to molt, remains in the larval stage and ultimately dies. Adult emerging from the pupa will be 100% malformed, and absolutely sterile. A neem product is unique in nature since the products work on juvenile hormones. If the leaf is treated with a neem product because of the presence of azadirachtin, salanin and melandriol, there will be an anti-parasitic wave in the alimentary canal which produces vomiting sensation in the insect. Because of this sensation the insect does not feed on the neem-treated surface. Another way in which neem controls pests is by preventing the females be unable to lay eggs during the egg-laying period of its life cycle. There’re also other known modes of action:

·The formation of chitin hard part covering the insect
· Mating disrupted
· Larvae and adults of insects are repelled
Dose: Spray 1.0-1.5 ml / liter of water preferably during egg  laying period to destroy eggs. Apply it after 7-10  days intervals during the pest attack period.

Packing: 100 ml, 250 ml. 

Note: PPNP can be mix with grow and bloom, but not with PPFC. 

Store in cool and dry place. 


             Power Plant – ST is derived from natural sources based on botanical ingredient. It is a liquid, natural seed treatment and root growth promoter formulation. It also stimulates indigenous microbes in the root zone. It proven to be a reliable performer in low and high rainfall areas and in all soil types. It is an affordable and effective way to optimize seed germination, plant establishment, and early growth and yield potential. It is also one of the lowest financial investments a grower can make to maximize productivity and improve the bottom line. It is effective against problems that occur in cold wet soils especially limited disturbance and no-till operations and it areas of low moisture. It has synergistic effect on early and uniform seed germination and enhances tolerance to pest and disease during early crop stage. It controls soil and seed-born fungal disease. It can be used in all crops, fruits, vegetables, etc.


Organic product safe to soil and environment.
It can be used in all crops, fruits, vegetables, etc.
Reliable performer in all soil types.
Affordable and effective way to optimize seed germination.
Protects seeds and seedlings against pathogens/insects.

Mode of Action

Broad spectrum seed treatment, It interferes with transport mechanism in fungal cells interacting at various points in the lifecycle of the fungus i.e. conidial germination, germ tube and mycelia growth, It creates a zone of protection around the developing roots of each seedling It suppresses seed and seedling root eating of insects and reduces larva livability 


Protect germinating seeds and seedlings against soil and seed borne pathogens/insects.
Seed germination enhancement.
Early and uniform establishment and growth
Enhances nodulation in legume crop.
Better than soil and foliar application.
Uniform crop stand, even in adverse conditions (less/high moisture)
Eco- friendly product.
Non- toxic to human, animal and plant.


Treat seed @ 20 ml. PPST with 50 ml. water for per kg. Seed. 


Store in cool and dry place.
Keep out of reach from children.
Shake well before use.
Avoid contact with eye, mouth and skin.
Keep away from direct sunlight
Use as preventive measures